Artwork: Dan Nowakowski/Nicholas Taylor

Mechano-adaptation in a large protein complex

Intersections Science Fellows Symposium
November 2021

Navish Wadhwa

Harvard University

slides for this talk:

A nanoscale motor powers
swimming in bacteria

How does the motor cope with sudden changes in mechanical load?

Electrorotation allows
full control over motor load




Electrorotation allows
full control on motor load

A change in load results in
changes in motor speed

Wadhwa et al., PNAS, 2019

The motor adapts to changes
in load by remodeling its stator

Wadhwa et al., PNAS, 2019
Wadhwa et al., PNAS, 2021

Flagellar motor is a bacterial mechanosensor


Howard Berg (Harvard)

Yuhai Tu (IBM)

Rob Phillips (Caltech)

Alberto Sassi (IBM)

NIH Pathway to Independence Award