05 May 2021 by Navish

Following up on the @APSDBIO tweetorial on the bacterial flagellar motor, here are a few links to resources where you can learn more about this marvelous machine and its biophysics.


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Sowa and Berry 2008

Nakamura and Minamino 2019


Santiveri et al. 2020

Deme et al. 2020

Tan et al. 2021

Bi-directional rotation

Chang et al. 2020


Wadhwa et al. 2021

Wadhwa et al. 2019

Lele et al. 2013

Nord et al. 2017

Torque-speed relationship

Chen and Berg 2000

Yuan et al. 2010

Xing et al. 2006

Meacchi and Tu 2011

As you see, this is a rather brief list. If you know of other cool papers that you would like to see listed here, feel free to drop me a message.